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We all want to do something for our society in some or the other form. Then why not Organ Donation! This is the need of the hour. Be an Organ Donor! Its something which we don’t need as we bid this world a final good bye. By doing so we’ll continue to live on this planet, through someone. Isn’t it a noble deed, a life for a life? On an average, 20 people die on a daily basis due to lack of availability of organs for transplant. One deceased donor can save upto 8 lives through organ donation and around 100 lives from tissue donation. Organs such as liver, kidney, heart, lungs, intestine, pancreas can be donated. Tissues that can be donated includes cornea, skin, bone, heart valve etc. If you have serious health conditions like actively spreading cancer, HIV, diabetes, kidney disease or heart disease, this can prevent you from donating as a living donor and in certain cases after death too. A doctor will determine whether they are suitable for donation or not.

There is no definite age, gender or race for donating your organs. A living donor not less than 18 yrs of age can voluntarily authorise the removal of any organ and/or tissue during his life time. Anyone younger than 18 years need to have an agreement of a parent or guardian to be a donor. In case of braindead patients, Transplantation of Human Organs Act has been established with the rules to be followed for organ donation. In this case the family can give their consent for donation. Life style and hereditary diseases are taking a toll on people’s health these days. From this, we can estimate that over a period of time, the figures will keep escalating. If every person decides not to share a part of his organ, the mortality rates will be climbing up the chart. The donor and their families should agree to donate their organs and tissues after death. Living people in their lifetime can pledge their organs with the concerned authority and obtain a Donor Card. Though it’s emotionally draining, to part with your near-and-dear-one’s organ at the time of death. But, why take away one more life, when we can always give someone a second chance to live. Time is ticking, then why wait….

Don’t think of Organ Donation as giving a part of yourself to keep a total stranger alive. It’s a total stranger giving up almost all of themselves to keep a part of you alive.



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