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CHATH: Reminiscing old days

Today in Bihar and in many other parts of India people are celebrating chath pooja with joy and respect. Every one is full of devotion and the atmosphere is filled with devotional songs. Every one who can manage to get leave is celebrating with their family. But what about those who can’t visit their home or reside at a place where no one celebrate Chath . Many people here doesn’t even know about our most important festival. When our children repeatedly asked ,” Why we are not visiting home or why can’t we celebrate here as we celebrate other festivals?” I am at total loss . Because I don’t know how to make them believe that it is not as simple as that . We just promise them that next year we are going to visit our native place for sure and then they can celebrate. It really scare me that we are not able to give our children same atmosphere in which we grew up. The atmosphere full of traditions and different relations, who showered so nuch love at us and gave us a sense of security and family bonding. They even can’t speak their mother tongue outside our house as no one will be able to understand them .And as a responsible mother I have to taught them the so called primary and necessary language to survive.
We keep promising to ourselves every time we board the train to leave our home ,” I will come back soon ” but we really have no idea when we will be able to go back .We are so engrossed in our day to day life that we forgot our real purpose in life. Our childhood dreams all gone from our reality filled eyes.
Why all these thoughts today ? Because when you see years passing by and memories slipping slowly from your conscious mind, it shook you to core.
When you see your child yearning for their family and grandparents, you feel helpless.
Chath is the time when you realise how much you are missing your home . How much your heart is yearning for home. The different scenes of childhood play havoc in your mind and you feel restless. You feel like you have lost so many years and nothing can you do will give you back those golden years of childhood and carelessness!!
So ,its time to celebrate chath with Family and home.

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