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BOOK REVIEW :Unclouded Rains

Isn’t it ironical that we tend to have an excitement to get to know others agony, pain, bewilderment and such other emotions which are the prime ingredients of an individual’s heartache? These agonies which are the reason of misery of an individual makes an interesting story for others. The storyteller aware of this general thought-process of society have woven a magic around this rotten society and has aptly titled the collection; Unclouded Rains.

If the ‘The Loss of Inheritance’ talks about the patriarchal mindset where just setting the pyre on fire gives you undue advantages then the other stories like “An Unusual Blessing” peeps into the callous mindset where a woman is ready to go to any extreme height in order to have kids. Are these dedication enough to achieve something heavenly or kiss the dust in front of those lecherous bastards like Sadhu who just care of their licentious motives? Indeed this collection brings the plight of the mere mortals, especially the women as depicted in the Plight of Women and forces us to come out of our comfort zone.

Mr. Kumar who has used his penchant for observation judiciously to unravel the unaniomity of this naked society in his stories which makes it a must read!

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