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BOOK REVIEW : Poverty at its Prime in the Dazzling Light of Perceived Modernity

Human beings have always been fascinated towards their development and aspired to be in the league of the the developed! Indeed! Development has something which demands price and people are even ready to pay. But what if, these developments are not just a fascination but an utter need to elevate yourself? And ironically you have been in the state of pauperism that leave alone paying  the price, you are not even able to understand the ways which could let you escape this from rotting hell. The saga of unending poverty of an individual from the marginalized section of the society have been beautifully woven in the latest masterpiece, A Shadow Under The Light by Amit Kumar.

As it has been almost a ritual of the marginalized section of the society, the protagonist Prabhavathi is married to an irresponsible alcoholic Mohan who has nothing to do except squabbling on the household issues. The fire of the hunger compels a person to do what is beyond his perseverance and the protagonist migrate to the dazzling city of Bangalore, where she tries to feed her children. But has it ever been easy for a woman to do anything elegantly. Costant escapade from pervert eyes and poverty makes her feel ashamed on those idealistic philosophies which continuously advise us to have a smile on face.

Isn’t it ironical that the unending poverty of the pregnant Prabhavathi hardly makes sense to the party geeks of ultra-modern society of Bangalore and acts as a heart-rending experience for the readers. The readers faith in humanity gets a gutsy blow when the poverty-laden Prabhavathi is found dead on the busy roads where the hectic life schedule of these so-called sophisticated classy people.

The portrayal of the stark reality of poverty and pluralism makes the A Shadow Under The Light makes a must read!

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