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Book Review: Jo Tum Kaho

Author: Prashant V shrivashtav
Genre : Poetry
My Rating: ☆☆☆☆

My Take :

In last few months I read a lot of Hindi poetry books and one thing is for sure . Hindi poetry is much advanced then Hindi stories . Poets have good command over language and know how to write in simple but beautiful language.

” Jo Tum Kaho ” , is a beautiful poetry book and talks about various range of Emotions.
Each poetry have different theme ,and each is unique in it’s own way . Although I liked the whole book ,few of them touched my heart deeply .
First of all ,the title poem ,” Jo Tum Kaho”, which talks of a lover’s promises to his beloved .He promised her sun and moon , and earth and what more.
” Diwane hua karte the” is another one in which poet talks of a time when he was used to be in love .
In ” Phir Teri yaad aa gayi” poet reminisces old days ,” Yaad ka Dhuan” also talks about past memories .
Some talks of beauty of his lady love,some talks of beautiful time they spent together. The poet talks at length of his love interest ,her beauty ,their love and separation . Their is poem to suit every mood .it will be a perfect companion in cosy winter afternoon . I will strongly recommend this to each person ever been in love or love good poetry.
Kudos to the poet for language . The language is simple yet flowery . Some words I have read after a long time. This is a blessing for any hindi language lover .

My favourite lines from this collection,

“हम तुम्हारे बिना जी सकेंगे कहां
कहने को कह दिया,जाओ भी अलविदा । “

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